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We discussed already the potential for short bowel syndrome which can result when a large section of intestine is removed or damaged.  In this syndrome, not enough nutrients are able to be absorbed and can result in weight loss and lethargy as well as a host of other problems depending on the specific nutrients that are lacking.

80% of the intestines are small intestines and the intestinal length is approximately 5x the body length.  So in Sassy body length is approximately 3.25 feet which equates to 16.25 feet of intestine.  Approximately 13 feet of that would be small intestine.  So removing 8.5 feet of small intestine would be approximately 65% of her small intestine.  Severe short bowel syndrome has been observed in dogs with 70% or greater loss of small intestine, so it is a big concern for Sassy.  To minimize symptoms of this disease it is important to feed Sassy a highly digestible diet so that absorption of the nutrients is maximized.  Feeding small frequent meals can also maximize nutrient absorption.  If symptoms of the syndrome are severe, supplementation by injection of missing nutrients can be employed along with slowing the movement of the intestines with medication.