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"Quincy" is a sweet little 11 month old Black and Tan Dachshund that presented on 6/23/08 for a possible snake bite.  She had been spayed at our clinic 2 weeks prior.  

Wounds were noticed on her neck and she was bleeding slightly from these wounds.  After scrubbing and cleaning these wounds, you realize they are puncture wounds, much too large for a snake to make.  They are also not bruised as is typical with a snake bite.  

On physical exam, "Quincy" is QAR (quiet, alert, responsive) and is painful around the bite wounds on her lower neck area.  Her mucous membrane color is normal (gums are pink) and no other areas of injury are noticed.   Her breathing is slightly shallow and just a little faster than normal.  On auscultation (listening with a stethescope to her heart and lungs), you notice that she has some abnormal sounds on the left side of her thorax (chest).  Although her heart sounds are audible, they are not as loud as normal.  You can also hear some crackles (kind of sounds like crumpling paper) as she breathes in and out.  

What kind of animal could make these larger bite wounds?  A dog?  Coyote? 

What tests would you like to perform next?