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Posted By:  Helen
Posted : 3/12/2011
Comments : First of all, I'd like to thank Dr. Larry, Dr. Beth, Steve, Sharon, Rayna and everyone else there at your Hospital who make it easier to take care of our pets (who we dearly love). If not for you, our pets would suffer as well as our hearts. Everyone at your Hospital is so helpful, caring, honest, and compassionate. Dr. Larry, you touched my heart when we first brought Bear in. I love her as much as if she were my own child. She calls my name, Helen, when she wants in or out of a room. When she got sick from Thyroid problems, I thought she was going to die. You helped save her from certain death and I can never thank you enough! She makes my days worth living and without her, there would have been a hole in my heart. So, I send you and Dr. Beth and Steve (who orders her meds) a BIG hug for all you have done. I have been wanting to post a "Thank You" for a long time now. I am so glad you are here in Quincy! I would not want to go anywhere else!
Posted By: Tiffany M  (southernrodeo@aol.com)
Posted : 7/16/2010
Comments: My father and I have used you for our horses in the past. We've gotten rabies shots here and there for our cats and dogs, maybe a spay and neuter. I never knew how much a good Veterinarian meant to me until I had Cloud. The efforts put forth to save his leg after an attack from a dog meant so much to me. Although Cloud is no longer with us, I'm sure he appreciated the saving of his leg as well. He loved his visits to see you guys. Since he has been gone, I have gained other animals to care for. I will continue to use only Quincy Animal Hospital for my pets. Thank you to the QAH staff for being there for all of us! Love, Tiffany M
Posted By: Joe M.  (hammersaw00@bellsouth.net)
URL:  Awesome
Posted: 11/30/2009
Comments: Where to start? Arguably, one of the best, if not the best, Veterinary Clinics in Florida.Dr. Larry , Dr.Beth, and their staff,have a unique way of treating not only animals, but their owners as well. "Buck" is alive today,(long story) because of the extraordinary efforts put forth by Dr. Larry, in 2002.And when my wife had to put her baby"C.J." down, Dr. Larry handled the situation with professionalism, and in this case, went above and beyond, as I was at work, and could not be there. And then followed up with a sympathy card. I know the Helm family personally, and must say, they are a great asset to the town of Quincy, and surrounding area. Thanks for what you do, it is appreciated.
Posted By: Joyce R.
Posted: 7/24/2009
Comments: I can not begin to tell you ALL, how wonderful it is to have such a loving and caring staff of people. For all of you whom have taken care of my baby "CJ" I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Times when I had to leave her in your care, I knew she would be just fine. Now she doesn't mind at all coming for her checkups because she knows you all love her so much...guess what, I do too!!! Thank you for everything you do for my baby and me.
Posted By: Cristy  (shooshoo74@aol.com)
Posted: 6/15/2009
Comments: I want to thank Dr. Larry and Dr. Beth and the staff for their passion, love and support. We recently lost our dear Hunky "Hank" and the staff at QAH made the unbariable a little easier. God Bless You All - Terra, Jeremy, Cristy & Dorie Mae (Hank's Sister)
Posted By: Amy R  (aroach1999@yahoo.com)
URL: Wonderful People
Posted: 2/3/2009
Comments: My heart is so full as I speak about the entire staff at Quincy Animal Hospital. They are wonderful people and they take the utmost care of our "children". I thank God for havng them in all the years I have driven from Tallahassee with my sweet babies. They have been with me as great friends and family as I have faced some very hard times, and made some very tough decisions. Your compassion and love are felt by us the family and the clients you serve daily. We love you all!!!
Posted By: Cheryl  (CBlan13@aol.com)
URL: Great Care
Posted: 7/15/2008
Comments: I want to thank Dr. Larry, Dr. Beth, Steve, Rayna, Sharon and all other employees at Quincy Animal Hospital. You all are an asset to all pets in your clintele. Dr. Larry and Dr. Beth you show such compassion, love and concern for your clients. I know you have to harden your heart at times, but most of us can see right through you. You all are very passionate about your "Children". I thank God you are available to all us pet lovers !!!

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